Creating positive social impact through
leadership and organisational transformation.


We launch people on a transformational journey to leadership. Along the way we guide and support them through the challenging process so that they may create success for themselves, and have a positive impact within their organisations and the wider community.



Who we are

We at Global Perspectives are dedicated to bringing all our extensive international experience both inside and outside of business to help our clients achieve the most they possibly can in the global business environment. 

Our benchmarks are passion, innovation and creativity.

We work tirelessly with our clients to develop the most appropriate, effective, and impactful programs to develop future international business leaders. 

Success to us is the success of our clients in the turbulent waters of international trade. By working together with individuals and organisations we build the necessary skills, mindset and confidence to allow our clients to expand into international markets and incorporate talent from around the world. 

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What we offer

At Global Perspectives we start with consulting and/or auditing to ensure we have a clear understanding of your company's unique needs and goals. We then work with you and your team to design and deliver customised seminars, workshops and individual coaching packages to maximise your learning outcomes.

  • Intercultural Competency
  • Leading International teams 
  • International Innovation 
  • Managing Cultural differences pre and post M&A



Why we do it

Through our deep understanding and relationships developed over many years with numerous companies in Japan, we have come to realise traditional training methodologies and philosophies no longer serve the needs of our clients. Global Perspectives is dedicated to working with you to develop tailored, innovative programs that look at client specific challenges from multiple angles and work together to build a framework that allows individuals and organisations to fulfil their potential.

Our mission is to develop innovative, culturally aware leaders at any level of an organisation. By starting with an honest appraisal of where our clients are we then furnish them with the skills, confidence and mindset to lead the expansion of Japanese companies around the world. Equally as important we give managers and teams the tools to collaborate on the international stage and incorporate diverse teams and staff into organisations. 


A Summit to Prepare the Future: One Young World

Are your Leaders future-ready?  

Building a movement of socially aware, agile next-generation international leaders who can lead themselves, organisations and society in a rapidly transforming world