Creating positive social impact through
sustainable leadership and organisational transformation.


What we do

GP is dedicated to helping business transform their sustainable business vision and goals into real world action to positively impact  people, organizations and wider society aligned with the U.N. Sustainable Development Goals. ( SDG’s)

Who we do it with

  • GP partners with Japanese and international companies to create a positive impact on people, business and society as a whole.

  • Together with our network of highly experienced service partners we develop innovative programs to help organizations transform themselves and society in a sustainable manner.

Where we do it

While we are based in Japan, we work with our international partners on the global stage to impact all levels of society to develop socially aware, sustainability focused businesses.

How we do it - Our Toolkit


•Coaching (individual and/or team)


IRC intercultural competence assessment

•Collaborations with strategic partners ( meet our partners )

The GLA (Global Leader Accelerator) is a unique combined leadership agility development and live
SDG project program in partnership with One Young World Japan that aims to:

Develop agile young leaders to impact both their own
organization and society as a whole

Empower a movement of socially aware, active young
business leaders in Japan and around the world

Enable organizations to align with and take action on
the U.N. Sustainable Development Goals