Partnering with you to create transformational leaders and organisations for a sustainable future



At Global Perspectives we envision a world where every organisation, small or large, and regardless of industry or sector, has a net-positive impact on people and our planet.



Based in Tokyo, Japan but operating around the globe, we use our passion, knowledge and skills, as well as those within our partner ecosystem, to support organisations on their journey to responsible business.


Move the focus from Processes to People

Create corporate cultures that allow people to thrive and contribute in sustainable ways


See responsible business not as an obligation, but as an opportunity for innovation and growth

Move from CSR to CSV models


Establish a sense of connection & mutual accountability in every part of the value chain


What we do

Long-term, in-depth organisational transformation solutions tailored to your company’s unique needs & objectives.

• Sustainability leadership development

• Organisational culture change consulting

• Sustainability / SDGs project coaching

• Cross-cultural leadership development


Our Approach - A.C.E


Assessment of intercultural competence; seminars on intercultural diversity to build awareness of benefits, challenges, and hidden biases; seminars on innovation practice in a global context


Workshops and/or individual tutoring to develop intercultural communication skills, innovation mindset & leadership skills; consultations with HR to creative effective Learning & Development programs


Individual coaching to create & support action plans; consultations with HR/Management on the design and implementation of organisational change initiatives


Our Programs - Learn More

SLP (Sustainability Leadership Program) for Executives

SLP (Sustainability Leadership Program) for Managers

GLA (Global Leader Accelerator)

CCL (Cross-Cultural Leadership)


One Young World summit 2018, The Hague, NL


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