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Gavin Dixon


Originally, from Australia, Gavin has lived and worked in Europe and Asia in a wide variety of industries ranging from consulting, journalism, travel management, professional sport and NPOs.

Clients value his ability to think “big picture” and ask questions that lead to new insights and understanding. He is passionate about turning ideas and inspiration into concrete action in order to help individuals and organisations deliver tangible, long-term impact.


Tove Kinooka


Originally from the UK, Tove has worked in Japan developing people and organisations since 1998. Transforming leaders and organisations for positive impact is her “ikigai”, bringing together her combination of scientific training, business experience and people skills. She is an Executive Committee member of the British Chamber of Commerce in Japan, where she is involved in designing strategy and delivering events on sustainability, leadership & organisational change. She is also a Director of One Young World Japan.

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Strategic Partners

Stephen Parent

Stephen Parent

Stephan PArent

Based in Tokyo, Japan, Steph is a workshop facilitator, coach, trainer and consultant specializing in communication, cross-culture, and global leadership/team effectiveness. His passion is to help people build the global mindset and skills they need to successfully work and live anywhere on Planet Earth.

 Steph works with Global Perspectives to deliver high impact programs that transform individuals and organizations.

 Steph works with Japanese firms that are expanding globally as well as global firms operating in Japan. Through his workshops and coaching, he is contributing to the globalization of large organizations such as Nissan and smaller companies such as Sudler Japan (WPP group). Working directly with people at all levels – from CEO to new hires – he is preparing people whatever their role may be to meet the challenges that come with being a diverse and truly global organization.

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Mana TOMOtori

 Mana has been a coach since 2009 and has been engaged in the corporate training and development field for 16 years. Raised in a multi-national environment in Germany and in the US, her passion is to be a liaison for Japanese and non-Japanese professionals working globally and to support her clients to live their professional and personal lives aligned with their visions and values. Mana facilitate and coaches in both English and Japanese.

 Mana was responsible for Training & Development in European luxury brands for 8 years. Along with development for retail professionals, she committed herself to coaching Japanese executives in terms of effective cross-cultural communication and developing a global mindset in order to reach their personal and corporate goals. Prior to her retail experiences, she built her career at various training & consulting companies and has worked in corporate training projects for many leading Japanese firms.

 Currently, Mana leads coaching-related communication & leadership workshops and provides follow-up coaching sessions for worldwide clients in Japan. She is still a lead external trainer for her previous company, HUGO BOSS, due to a request from the HQ in Germany.


ValErie Honda

Valerie has been a consultant and leadership mentor for over 20 years in the Japanese private and public sectors. She has also worked for the United Nations in volatile environments as a legal assistant.

Drawing on those experiences, Valerie has developed and delivered workshops for groups of up to 150 participants on topics ranging from global communication, trust, team building; she has enabled discussions on a wide range of issues such as diversity, gender parity, human rights, global pandemics, the EU and Brexit, to name but a few. Her audience varies from new recruits to executive board members, and she has been invited as guest Speaker in academia, talking about her experience of working with UNHCR.

Her areas of expertise are intercultural communication, Emotional Intelligence, international teams and leadership development. She has also helped numerous senior managers prepare for executive education programs at leading global business schools, such as IMD, Harvard, INSEAD, Oxford University and Cambridge University.