Introducing the IRC

The IRC (Intercultural Readiness Check) is an online assessment of an individual’s intercultural competence. Developed by a team of intercultural experts, it has been taken by more than 45,000 people worldwide, and has been independently verified as being one of the most valid and well-researched intercultural assessment tools available.

It is available in 8 languages, including Japanese, and candidates receive a written profile report which explains their score in each section, with suggestions on what they can do to improve their skills in that area.


The IRC assesses four areas:

Intercultural Sensitivity

The degree to which a person takes an active interest in others, their cultural background, needs and perspectives.

Building Commitment

The degree to which a person actively influences the business and social environment, concerned with integrating different people and personalities.

Intercultural Communication

The degree to which a person actively monitors own communicative behaviours.

Managing Uncertainty

The degree to which a person is able to manage the greater uncertainty of intercultural situations.


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