Our offerings:

  • Evaluation of intercultural competency, using the IRC assessment tool

  • Workshops & seminars to build intercultural awareness and develop effective global communication skills

  • Workshops & seminars on innovation practices and leadership in a global context

  • Auditing of teams and organisational culture to identify needs & areas for improvement

  • L&D consulting & support to help your company develop targeted and effective learning programs

  • Individual coaching to support the development of high-potential employees

  • Consulting with HR and/or Management to support organisational culture change initiatives

Our concept:

At Global Perspectives, we believe in the value of looking at "the big picture". If participants do not fully understand why particular skills are important or necessary, then motivation for developing competency is often low, and training will not be as effective as it could be. Similarly, coaching and follow-up sessions after a training program have been proven to greatly increase the impact of the training itself.  Consequently, we take a 3-step approach to our solutions:


Assessment of intercultural competence; seminars on intercultural diversity to build awareness of benefits, challenges, and hidden biases; seminars on innovation practice in a global context


Workshops and/or individual tutoring to develop intercultural communication skills, innovation mindset & leadership skills; consultations with HR to creative effective Learning & Development programs


Individual coaching to create & support action plans; consultations with HR/Management on the design and implementation of organisational change initiatives