Why we do it

In order to compete and grow in a constantly-changing global business environment, companies, and the individuals within them, need to be able to understand and communicate effectively with colleagues, partners, customers and suppliers from many different cultures.

Research indicates that companies who value and understand cultural diversity combined with an innovative mindset , and who take steps to cultivate employees’ intercultural competency, are

  • more profitable,

  • more innovative

  • better able to respond to change

On the other hand, lack of intercultural competence carries very real risks:

  • miscommunication 

  • conflict  among teams 

  • failed mergers 

  • the potential to alienate customers  

  • damage brand reputation 

At Global Perspectives, we firmly believe that developing employees’ intercultural competence and innovation mindset is a key factor in the success of cross-border M&As and international management and expansion for any company.

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